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Channel Letters


The standard channel letters there are two classes one is the Frontlit and the backlit. The Frontlit has a luminous acrylic screen on front only the body is completely made with painted aluminum. The channel letter fornt & backlit has luminosity on the front and on the back, the difference is that at the base of the letter it is polycarbonete clear so it lets the light pass from behind giving a halo effect. The standard channel letters can be installed indoors and outdoors, our standard channel letters are manufactured with highly durable materials. For the standard channel letters we have the following contour thicknesses 4in which is the most used 3in and 5in. The led modules are UL from the Samsung brand giving a longer life guarantee.

How small can a letter be?

within 5 ” height and 0.5 ” width of letter

Customs Quotes / trabajos customisados

Materials: Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum

The thickness of the letter  can be up to 8 in

Channel letter standards are manufactured according to the standards required by UL and also with respect to the design that is allowed.

To obtain installation permits in most cities

(Each city has its different regulations, to know if this type of sign is issued in your city, please check with the corresponding city office)

Submit the Artwork with this info

  • Vector file with the correct size (PDF, EPS, AI, PLT)
  • Deep, Finish, Led color
  • number of sets